Checkout time is an hour – with whom the room is booked

Dear friends, we offer a unique accommodation scheme with a minimum rate for half a day. Checkout time is an hour – with whom the room is booked.

This is very convenient. This means that if you arrive for one day at 7 PM, you can check out at 7 PM instead of 12 PM like in other places. It also sometimes happens that you just need to spend a night: this means you can check in at 7 PM and check out at 7 AM.

In this case you pay for half a day instead of the whole day like in other places, which is nice and will save you up to 40% of your money.

No checkout time

All of you must have come across a situation when you have to check out at noon while your plane or train does not leave until the evening. This means that you have to carry your baggage around or leave it in the baggage checkroom, spending a lot of time and efforts. And it’s even worse if you are with your children… This means that, regrettably, the last day of your trip is wasted.

Of course, you could pay for the next day, but you don’t want to waste money. There are only few hotels that allow their guests to stay for a couple of hours after the checkout time.

There are no problems of this kind at the mini hotel Veles. If you check in late at night (which happens most of the time), you can check out at night as well, which is very convenient.

No checkout time

The same can happen when you come to St. Petersburg if your train/plane arrives at 7 AM, but you can usually check in not until 2 PM.


This does not apply to Veles, however: if you arrive in the city at 7, you can check in at 8. Everything is so simple and convenient!